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'The Chosen' Jesus


This is an Image of Jesus from the series called 'The Chosen' when Jesus is looking out to Simon (Peter) who just caught the unfathomable amount of fish in the first season (This image is somewhere within the first season, trust me).
This was the first time I had ever used charcoal before in any of my sketches which was a real success and improvement to the way I can capture the truth and reality of the person another way by the difference of the charcoal's substance compared to a pencil's (e.g. blends, darkness and texture of a charcoal pencil is very dark).
The Original is now (going to be) given to that enthusiastic fan, who inspired me by making me want to see what face would appear on her face if I drew her favorite actor.


9 in. x 12 in.

Days until completion:

2 Days


The excitement a fan had for the way he, (Johnathan Roumie) plays the role of 'Jesus'

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