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About me

About me

Greetings To All!

 I am Louis François, the artist and designer of this little website.

Other than drawing (which you will soon learn is a bit of a passion for me), I love: reading books, watching animals, which I think are charming, working in the earth nurturing plants in our garden, gazing in wonder at the numerous, illuminative stars,

and digging holes. I am sixteen years old and I live in the country with my family.

One thing that I am most passionate about (other than sketching) is the truth. Yet, what does truth have to do with actual life or sketching? It is finding the truth of the person or image I am sketching that produces a beautiful piece. The irony is that what makes something or someone beautiful is not perfection of features, but their uniqueness. It is in the imperfections, what some might call ugliness, that the truth and the beauty of the unique person in front of you can be found. A beautiful face is not made up of perfect features, but crooked ones. The reason someone's face is so striking, is not because it's perfectly even on each side, but because it's slightly off, crooked, and rough. Even if we would try to think by these definitions when analyzing a face, we wouldn't even begin to fathom why an illustrated face can be so deeply beautiful and full of the persons character and spirit.

It's the truth of the so-called ugliness that brings out the spirit.

I Created this website to give my gift of being able to capture the truth in a person or animal, so that people may enjoy art, but also may enjoy the fact that God made the structure of our face beautiful, and when you embrace the tears and cracks of sin for the sake of Gods glory, then your face expresses the deepest truths of your soul's purpose...

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