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From a piece of printer paper, pencils and my finger to blend with, to 20 x 30 inch sketching paper with an extreme amount of pencils with varied different tools like blending stumps, charcoal and pastel pencils, each of these sketching's are pictures of my journey of growth, for the love of truth and life that flows through the faces of all things the Creator has made in his image which is all good.

Please explore and enjoy. 
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The simple but important, the normal but crucial is the style of the pencil, for it is the start of all techniques. These pencil sketches are the beginning of the building of the great gift of capturing the beauty of a human being by learning how to draw faces and clothes in a realistic way.

Screenshot 2024-04-12 102919_edited.jpg

The way the pastel pencil behaves with the paper and the way the smoothness and softness of the pastel brings out the most remarkable and beautiful way to capture the softness of an image, it becomes a new way to depict a person and a new way to look at the beauty of the world.


The dark texture of the charcoal is a tool that accesses a whole new scale of different types of shades. The differences of this tool is the next level of making the sketching more realistic by the way the darkness of the charcoal can bring more depth into the picture. ( e.g. a shadow in a room can look farther back when blackened by a charcoal pencil )

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