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This colored image is of that popular bird the Black-Capped Chickadee whos wholesome character I find to be quite lively, lovely, peaceful (and yet a little feisty too).

This image was the next little step to discovering the beautiful world in a deeper way by starting to use the different colors I have to draw.
The colored pastels (in this case of the discovering that deeper level) has brought out a different aspect of truth in the image more than just the physical dimension of an object, But because of the color, you can almost comprehend the time of day in a sense, this image (to me at least) seems like it's more in the afternoon than the morning by the way the colors of the branch are a lighter color than the distant tree. You can also think that this bird (when using color) could be somewhere in reality, and if he was, with the same appearance by the addition of the colors that flow into all things that are beautiful.


11 in. x 14 in.

Days until completion:

2 days


I like the way
Chickadees were created

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A Perching Chickadee

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