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This pastel sketched Image is of a man named Dale. This art work took three days to accomplish and was sketched by listening to the rosary and Warren Zevon.

When I blended the shadows on his forehead, the texture of the pastel (unlike the charcoal or the pencil) moved entirely when being blended, without leaving any marks from the first beginning strikes on the paper. An important quality to have when trying to make a shadow without any dark spots. This impressive way of the pastel is a whole new opening of the beauty of blending. I hope to use this style of sketching to envision the beauty of a flour or a lady by that softness the pastel portrays in this Image of Dale.


11 in. x 14 in.

Days until completion:

3 Days


Wanting to explore the
greatness of pastel

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Dale Ahlquist

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