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Chesterton sitting on a bench with his Dog

Now this is also an sketching of G. K. Chesterton with his dog sitting on an invisible bench (just pretend it's there).
The most enjoyable part of this drawing for me (because some parts of this drawing caused me pain, the dog is guilty of that) is the design of his clothes, mainly his vest and tie (also the wrinkles of the jacket's sleeve and the creases in his pants are very hard to ignore).

But... as I am starring at this image more, I noticed that I probably should mention the whole complete suit as my favorite part. So even though this one isn't my favorite because I wasn't satisficed the way the dog turned out, my mind had completely disregarded the way I made G. K. Chesterton (which was much better than I noticed).


9 in. x 12 in.

Days until completion:

3 Days


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