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Chesterton with his Dog
on a Lawn Chair

This is an image of that great author and essayist G. K. Chesterton who sat on his lawn chair with his dog( If that's not obvious). This sketching took me a week to finish and I enjoyed every second of it.

This image is such a classic memory for me because it brought me into a new world or a new concept of the world through his mind. I was brought to this state being by that captivating humility of his face, which is the fullness of his character, and the adventurous and intricate style of his clothes which is the style of his liveness.
It was a moment like finding a closet door in a great house and discovering the it's a portal to a mystical land of wonders. Except G. K. Chesterton's land of wonders doesn't make you want to cringe each time you come out, but it makes you notice how similar, and even greater joy it was to be born in this world of wonders.


9 in. x 12 in.

Days until completion:

7 Days


It's Classic!

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