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JPII Holding the Cross of the Church

This picture is an image of St. John Paul II praying for the bride of Christ, our dear Church. The sketching took me six days to accomplish with a couple graphite sticks, pencils and two blending stumps of different sizes with a couple of breaks in-between the six days.
My favorite part about this sketching (either than the way bits and pieces of these marks and scratches from graphite come together into something beautiful) is the way the sleeve of his vestment was drawn. This was the first time I accomplished sketching vestments, and I really enjoyed how they turned out just by drawing the the shapes and using the blending stump to give the sleeve a shape by putting a little shadow at the bottom of the sleeve.

The image of 'JPII Holding the Cross of the Church' was given to an organization for marriage that is built on the words of John Paul II.


9 in. x 12 in.

Days until completion:

6 Days


How this beautiful image (that was on a prayer card) happened to be on the floor when I was wondering what I should draw

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